If you've taken a good look at Charles Register's body of work, you have an idea what he's about. After 20 years of shooting, for Charles it's location, location, location - and a little bit of color. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina he likes to take advantage of his home state's beauty and scenic variety. He's passionate about the countryside and the coast - whether it's North Carolina's or Costa Rica's. Beyond the Tarheel state and the US, Charles has photographed Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, Brazil, many Caribbean islands and Costa Rica.

Charles has an eye for locations. "Generally, I'll start with the location - whether it's a remote beach or a resort pool - and build the shot from there, "he says. "A good location is not always obvious. Sometimes I know there is shot in there somewhere, and if it takes climbing a hill or getting in a boat and going around the bend, that's what I'll do to find it."

When you hire Charles and his crew, be prepared for an adventure. Just ask Ken Z., art director from New Jersey. Ken, the AE and copywriter donned rubber waders and walked through shoulder high marsh grass to reach the edge of a creek where Charles shot from a 12-foot ladder. "But don't worry," Charles says with a laugh, "you won't have to sleep under the stars or cook your dinner over a campfire. At the end of the day, we still like to sit down to a fine meal and sleep in a nice, warm bed."